NyaStar Irish Red & White Setter Guarantee

When you purchase a puppy from us you are taking a member of our family into yours.  We expect that the puppy will be supported with a loving home that will provide appropriate nutrition, training, and health care.  If under any circumstances you find that you cannot provide this atmosphere or keep your Irish Red and White setter we ask that you contact us immediately, as we will take the puppy back no questions asked.

Our Guarantee to you is that at the time of breeding, both parents have been tested as per (normally more than) the recommendations of the Irish Red & White Setter Association and are not affected by any genetic health conditions (we test for carrier status when possible).  We also guarantee that both sire and dam (or their parents) carry conformation and/or performance titles. That means they conform to the breed standard and have inherited the hunting characteristics of an Irish Red & White Setter.

We guarantee that your puppy will be free of hip and elbow dysplasia as evaluated by an x-ray image taken at 2 years of age, and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  We also guarantee that we will offer  support throughout the puppies life.

We DO NOT recommend spay/neuter before the age of 2 for the reasons contained in the article the LongTerm Health Effect of Spay/Neuter (click here to read).


fill out our questionnaire if you would like to be put on our waiting list for our planned litters or are intrested in a current puppy.